Michigan and Illinois

The holidays brought me to Northern Michigan this year for a very white Christmas. On the one hand it was really nice to see everything covered in a fluffy white blanket, but on the other hand, it made getting out and about a little difficult. On some occasions we had to change our route, or abandon plans because of bad weather. The landscape around Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix is pretty spectacular though, and I’d love to see what it’s like there during a warmer time of year.
I will say the same thing about Illinois. After my trip to Michigan I took a short stop over in Chicago, to explore this amazing city. It really is a fantastic place, but I understand why it’s called the Windy City now. The wind there really is something else.. Even though I was wrapped up nice and warm, the icy wind and snow made my face and hands feel numb within minutes of going outside. Still, I battled on and made sure to see as much of the city as possible! It’s a great lake-side city, with an exciting history – and I’ll have to re-visit some time in the summer.

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