Photos available to purchase on Pixels / Fine Art America!

If you ever wanted to own a Framing Places image to put on your wall at home, or in the office, now you can!
I have just set up a new shop on Fine Art America / Pixels, which allows you to choose your favourite photo, pick a print format and size, and have it delivered straight from some of the world’s most reputable printing companies.

Enter the shop here <

It doesn’t stop here though! Not only are the guys over at FAA / Pixels smart enough to do their best to route your order to the print shop nearest to you (if you order from a UK address, your prints will come from a printer in Scotland, if you order from a US address, your prints will come from a US-based printer). They also offer all kinds of other exciting products aside from your regular prints, canvas, and acrylic formats.

Why not get yourself a tote bag with one of my pictures on it, or a new shower curtain, bedding, fleece blanket, yoga mat, phone cover, or power bank?
The possibilities seem to be endless, and the products do look great (obviously I ordered some samples for myself to make sure of this)!

If you have any questions on the ordering process, or the products themselves, don’t hesitate to get in touch 🙂

Don’t forget to also visit the website and follow me on Facebook and Instagram 🙂



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