Washington DC and Virginia

I wasn’t planning to take this trip until some time in the New Year, but somehow, on Friday evening as I was winding down at work, I had the grand idea of checking out if there’s a reasonably priced way of spending the weekend in the Capital. A few hours later, I was on the 3am train, heading South West.
The good thing about the super early start was of course that I’d arrive around sunrise, which at this time of year is just after 7am. And I was hoping that at this time of the day, there’d be very limited numbers of people out and about. So as soon as I arrived, I jumped into a taxi headed for the Lincoln Memorial. An excellent move, if I may say so myself! There were maybe five people crawling around, and after a few minutes, I had the memorial to myself.
From there on I spent nearly all waking hours walking around the city, joining bus tours, and taking plenty of day and night pictures. It was very tiring 36 hours, but totally worth it.

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