Berkshire Bluebells

Spring is my favourite time of year! Everything comes back to life after a long and bleak winter, and nature turns puts on its best dress made up of all kinds of vibrant and beautiful colours.

A special sight in British woodlands during this time of year, are the delicate purple-blue flowers of bluebells. At the height of the season, they cover vast stretches of the forest floor which is an absolute joy to witness.
Because of lockdown restrictions, I was sure I’d be missing out on this beautiful display this year. But thankfully I live in a relatively rural location with easy access to a number of brilliant woodlands, where going for a walk was actually a very pleasant experience. While the streets and parks around my house were busy with people trying to enjoy the nice weather, a quick 10 minute drive took us to an altogether different environment, where the two of us were pretty much on our own.

And it was absolute bliss. I’m convinced the bluebells were actually especially nice today, possibly because not too many people were out and about, and walking in amongst them for those selfie opportunities, or to photograph their children and dogs.. The flowers were in an absolutely perfect condition, and the further we walked into the woods, the brighter and more fantastic the blue carpets were.

In hindsight, I was kicking myself for not taking my full camera kit with me. I wasn’t expecting we’d be out long enough, as I feared a lot of other people may have had the same idea. So all I had on me was my 90mm f2.8 macro lens, and the standard 24-70m f2.8 My long lens would have come in handy too, and certainly a tripod would have helped.

But hey, at least I came back with some photos I quite liked, and I got to enjoy some time outside in relative solitude, along with my favourite person.

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