Framing Places Blog: Hello WordPress!


It’s taken me a while to decide on the best way of keeping a blog going to support the Framing Places website (and whether to even bother with a blog in the first place).
Whilst great for hosting the actual photos, SmugMug is definitely not designed for this kind of thing, so WordPress seemed the place to go!

I’ve still not fully figured out what I can do with this new tool other than posting blog entries, so please bear with me 🙂 But the blog now firmly has a new home here, and I intend to post some behind the scenes stuff every now and then, either relating to a trip, a shoot, or maybe even some of the equipment and tools I use. All previous entries were moved, so you can trawl through the archive if you wish to do so, to read up on why I started my photography project this in the first place, and what I’ve been up to since the inauguration of Framing Places Photography.

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