Bluebells at Greys Court

I’ve become so used to being out and about exploring new places over the weekend, that I’ve been feeling a bit “locked up” since returning to the UK. The weather here does often dictate your outdoor activities – or, most often, the lack of the same.

So when we had the first few sunny days here, I was straight out there, trying to make the most of it in my free time. The first place I ended up going back to was beautiful Greys Court in Oxfordshire. This National Trust managed property and garden is close to my home, and also THE place to be in early spring as there’s a lovely little woodland walk that is completely covered in bluebells. These beautiful plants are most common in the UK, but can apparently also be found in a few other European countries. Though the coverage is most impressive in the British Isles.

Unfortunately the weather turned a few short hours into my visit, but I’m determined to find another bluebell forest this season, to get another fix.

To see what a bluebell carpeted woodland looks like, check out the Nature Galleries on the website