New Jersey and Delaware (and Pennsylvania)

It’s become a bit of a running joke in the office: I’m no longer asked “how” my weekend was, but rather “where” I was 🙂

To keep up the reputation, I hired a car from Newark airport on Saturday, and headed to the Jersey Shore. As usual, my plan was a little on the ambitious side. Why visit one State, when you can see two. And as it turns out, I accidentally managed three in one day.
After spending the morning in a very quiet Asbury Park, and even more deserted Allaire State Park, I decided to drive to Wilmington and Dover in Delaware. The drive was fairly underwhelming, and I wasn’t too convinced by especially the outskirts of Wilmington. But Dover is absolutely worth a visit – unless you go during a Government Shutdown. Nothing was open!! I was hoping to spend a little time at the National Archive, but no such luck. Still, the legislative quarter of the city is very pretty and it’s interesting just wandering around the area.

To avoid having to drive back the same route I came, and with daylight hours disappearing fast, I decided to carry on South to Lewes to take the ferry over to Cape May, NJ. My timing was impeccable – on the hour-long ferry ride, I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets I had seen in a while, and of course I had some time to relax and think about what to do with the remaining hours before I was meant to return the car.
Unfortunately it was already completely dark by the time I disembarked in Cap May. This is apparently a really pretty town, so maybe I need to go back there one day. As I was heading back onto the nearest Interstate, I decided to swing past Atlantic City on the way. I’d heard a lot about it, and even though it sounds very much like something I would not enjoy in the slightest, I thought there might be some photo opportunities at least.

Unfortunately, the most impressive sight is the approach into Atlantic City, but of course there’s nowhere to stop for taking pictures. That boardwalk did not appeal to me (maybe if I had not been on my own it would have been a different story), so I called it a night. That is, until my GPS decided to take my back to Newark via Philadelphia where I not only found a perfect spot to take photos of the skyline, but also witnessed a stunning moonset!

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