Framing Places – The Concept

The “Framing Places” project started out as a challenge, proposed to me by a friend and colleague, based on my temporary relocation to New York City. I should visit every single US state, she suggested, and then publish my pictures in a photo book!

This is just the kind of crazy idea that excites me, so before I knew it I had a project name and a website, and an online order for a couple of travel guides to inspire me.
Of course, six months is way too short for this grand plan (considering I’m mainly here for work), and winter is likely to be pretty bleak in most States. But I’m going to take the opportunity to make a start at least!

In order to bridge the gap until I have sufficient photographic material of all 50 States, this website will also be host to my best pictures from past and future trips and adventures. And maybe I will try out the photo book idea on a smaller scale first – we’ll see.
Either way, I intend to have lots of fun travelling and taking photos for everyone to enjoy!

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